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For 30 years ISISTAŞ has been in the field of production of elastic yarns without interruption. During the first years after the foundation of the company, its production was only limited to threads for sock tops. However, with the advent of use of lycra and elasthan in the last 15 years, ISISTAŞ has widened the range of products by renewing its technology.


  Today, with the variety and quality of its products and its state-of-the-art facilities, ISISTAŞ is one of the leading companies of the sector; with a capacity of 400.000 kgs per year of Elastothread® (conventional covered yarns) and 600.000 kgs per year of Elastoyarn® (air mingled yarns). The philosophy of ISISTAŞ, a close follower of the most up-to-date technology, has always been to provide its clients with high quality products and  best services for the best prices.

Main use of our products:

  • Socks industry

  • Circular knitted fabrics

  • Flat knitted fabrics

  • Wrap knitted fabrics

  • Woven fabrics

  • Seamless underwear